Membership & Forms

Membership payments can be made via Bank Deposit to: BEYOND BANK, BSB 325 185  ACCOUNT NUMBER 03614730  ENSURING YOUR NAME IS IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX PLEASE or go to our Registration Page

If you are paying by Credit Card and are not a Paypal Member; please change the Paypal Dropbox to Australia when registering; if you still have problems you can EFT to the DSNA SA bank account.

If your details have changed or are incorrect; please complete a form and send it in to our TreasureDSNASA-Change-of-Details-Form

Don’t forget to add: ‘Day Surgery Nurses Association of South Australia’ as the account you are paying into.

Please see the attached membership form for further details and to send to the treasurer when paying by EFT or Cheque



Scholarship Grant DSNA SA

Any ‘Financial Member’ who wishes to apply for a ‘Scholarship Grant’ to an ‘Interstate or Overseas’ Event; our ‘Grant Guidelines and Application Form’ are available below. Please read the Guidelines carefully as they explain in full detail what is required with an application. If you have any questions; please do not hesitate to contact a member of our committee.

DSNA SA Educatioon Grant Guidelines 2017

DSNA SA 2017 Applciation For Education Grant


TRADE SPONSORSHIP – Click on the link to register Registration Page

DSNA SA MEMBERSHIP Click on the link to register Registration Page 

Or complete the Member Application and post to us! Association Members cost remains at $75.00

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT: Consider online registration or electronic banking options!


DSNA SA PAMPHLET – If you are contemplating joining, this may sway your decision!!!  Education-Flyer2018




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