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  • Sadly two of our long term committee members have hung up their boots. We say goodbye and thankyou to Amie Threadgold and Kylie Page.

  • Amie, has been a committee member for 7 years; since joining the committee  Amie has acted in the role of Secretary for at least 4 years as well as doing a dual role of Social Media and Webpage officer for  the last 5 years. Amie was also 2nd rep on the National committee for 2 years, all this,  on top of her most recent role Education officer for the last 18 months !! Amie went on road trips, airplanes, visited wineries and a host of other things on top of everything else and Amie brought with her a wealth of dedication, persistence,  fun ideas and a can – do attitude. She has been a very reliable member of our team and we wish her every success and much laughter in the future.
  • Kylie has been a committee member for 7 years; since joining Kylie has been a General Committee Member,  being a part of subcommittees at various times as well as completing a range of duties in this role such as gathering quotes, liaising with caterers, liaising with venues. postage of our flyers, carting water , introducing speakers, help with general set up at all events and a host of other things. Kylie brought with her equal measures of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity and I will always remember her for her ability to twirl ribbons to perfection. Kylie has been a very reliable member of our team and we wish her much success and fulfilment in the future.
  • We also say goodbye to one of our newest committee members Lou Reschke; Lou was on the committee for at least one year as a General Committee Members as well as Assistant Education Officer. Lou performed many duties including help with catering, printing, postage and helping set up events. Lou was a dedicated and quiet member of our team, we were really only just getting to know Lou and we wish her much success and happiness in the future.
Did you know that during the 1940’s that people in South Australia were clambering for the honour of joining a committee to help those solders returning with Tuberculosis?? It is wonderful to hear of such comradery and unselfish acts whilst Australia recovered from the damages of war.

It would be lovely to have some day surgery nurses join our happy, selfless committee to promote education and networking across this great  southern land…….


Benefits include:
– 3 E-Newsletters and 2 Journals per year
– 3 Education Evenings per year at ‘No Charge’.
– Price Reduction for State, National and International Study Days

Other perks include
– Meeting members from around the country
– Building Local, National and International Contacts
– Awesome Education focusing on up to date issues



If you have an interest in taking on a Portfolio; please come along to a Committee Meeting and see what we do. We have added a document that will also help.


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