South Australian branch of  The Australian Day Surgery Nurses Association Inc.


Special Members Meeting

Monday 21st June 2021 6-8:30pm

Tennyson Centre Day Hospital
(520 South Road, Kurralta Park, SA)

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Dear Esteemed DSNASA Members,


Your committee, despite being at significantly reduced capacity, is still ticking along in the background. Currently we remain at just three members; Natasha (President), Christine (Secretary) and Sophie (Social media & Website). In addition to our reduced committee membership, there has also been significant and unexpected family and health issues that have been impacting our ability to function as an association. This has meant that we have not been able to provide the education and networking opportunities that our members expect and enjoy. Indeed, we have enviable attendance numbers relative to total membership at our events. We are planning an education evening Monday 21st June. This will be your opportunity to reconnect, review ‘the year that was and now is’ due to COVID-19, as well as have your say on the future of the association over a slice of pizza. Please keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram and our website for updates on membership and further details coming shortly.


Best Regards,
DSNASA Committee


2021 Study Dates

June 21st Special Members meeting – Tennyson Centre Day Hospital

August 23rd Education Evening 6-8:30pm @ FMC

October 26th Education Evening 6-8:30pm @ St Andrews


2021/2022 Registration
  New members now only $50 
*details on how to register coming soon
  Existing members, you will receive an email in June regarding ongoing membership
Email us with enquiries: dsna.southaustralia@gmail.com


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